Qigong is a very old Chinese system of exercises to build and protect our basic life energy. Many types of Qigong were developed by martial artists, monks, hermits and healers over a period of two thousand years in China. Today Qigong is practiced worldwide to reduce stress and improve general health.

Qigong can be translated from Chinese as ‘life-energy cultivation’. Qi means ‘life-energy’ and Gong means ‘work’, so Qigong works to build healthy vital energy.

Qigong combines slow, co-ordinated movements and breathing with quiet mental focus. The exercises are often described as a moving meditation. Mind and body work together as one.

There are at least as many types of Qigong as there are schools of Yoga. We teach Taijiwuxigong. This was developed in China by the late Dr Shen Hongxun. Dr Shen used his deep knowledge of Tai Chi and Western and Chinese medicine, to create a set of safe, simple exercises to deal with modern health issues caused by stress, poor posture and inactivity.

As a doctor and tai chi master Dr Shen had been picked by the Chinese government to study the health benefits of all types of Qigong

 Based on Tai Chi, Taiji-wuxi-gong aims to build energy for health and wellbeing. ‘Spontaneous Movement’ is often included to return mind and body to natural balance and support good health.

Classes focus on relaxing and gentle stretching and improving body posture. The slow, mindful movements help people connect with their bodies and relax their minds. This often results in a reduction in pain and stress. The easy-to-learn exercises can help at all stages of life. Many health issues, physical and emotional, including chronic problems, improve. The immune system and healing are supported by this work.

People often notice a beneficial effect on creative pursuits, martial arts and other sporting activities. By the end of a class students comment on feeling lighter, brighter and more relaxed. See Research for more details. Studying with a teacher offers students direct feedback and exercises can be tailored to their personal needs. A class offers shared experiences and is a fun, social place to learn.

Dr Shen Hongxun was born 1939 in Shanghai where he was able to study with leading Tai Chi masters from the age of eleven).

Dr Shen Hongxun taught many hundreds of students in China, Europe and the USA.

His daughter Shen Jin, who taught with her father from a very early age is the current head of The Buqi Institute.  https://www.buqiinstitute.com

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 All teachers listed on this website have trained personally and in depth with Dr Shen Hongxun and/or Master Shen Jin.

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