The focus of our style of meditation is to find the centre of the mind, not a physical location, but the place where thoughts arise. Finding the centre of mind, allows everyday thinking to cease, and this reduces negative thought patterns and improves general health and wellbeing.

Physical Benefits

Historically both Buddha Sakyamuni and Padmasambava described the Golden Light found in this way. Many of our meditation techniques are based around an original form of Zen meditation (Chan in Chinese) called The Dao of the Golden Light.

Our approach to meditation was taught by Dr Shen Hongxun and is now taught by his daughter Shen Jin. Dr Shen was raised a Catholic and had Daoist and Buddhist grandparents – he studied with Lama Fahai.

Dr Shen's Tai Chi system

Our system takes great care to include the physical basics of good posture and connection to breath to support comfortable meditation. Wuxi meditation, based on the original Dao of the Golden Light, teaches the correct body posture and breathing techniques to clean body and energy.

Meditation offers much more than relaxing to switch off thought and can be used to focus on self-healing. It has a balancing effect on the nervous system. Finding the centre of mind can bring true stillness and inner peace.

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